Wasting (game) time

Sul Sul!

Elena North here.

I’ve wasted some time playing a video game…

thing also my descendants loved,

only that they seldom had the opportunity.

Electricity in our humble shelter was unsteady and faulty,

internet connection often broke,

and all electronic devices were crippled in their functionality.



The husband of my granddaughter Marina, Akira Kibo,

loved playing video games, and wanted to play as much as he could.


I can’t remember when Akira really joined the family.

It all happened too quickly.

One moment Marina was in love with him,

and the next they were married and had three stinky, crying toddlers.



Of course I can remember when they were small, manageable babies…

Akira made a good father, caring for them very well.


Life wasn’t easy with Marina and the three toddlers…

but Akira tried to be the best father possible to them. And it marked them.



He overwatched the tots, while playing on the computer…




But he was already an elder when the kids were young,

and he died his death of old age…



R.I.P., Akira Kibo.

At least you can say you helped to raise wonderful kids.

I’ll go to the bathroom quickly to freshen me up,

and I’ll soon be back counting my family’s story

with a brand new twist!

Until then I remain

sincerely yours

Elena North