New Generation


Vincent Wonder here.

We have been good in the shelter,

even though we’re still living in desolate conditions.

We’ve been eating grilled fish since ages.


My wife Gina, she’s been working in a soup kitchen, but she felt she was growing old,

and felt like she was not up to continue in the job.

She said we should let the younger generation take control.



The younger generation are our two brilliant kids, Vanessa and Florian.


I have to admit, my wife really aged fast now.

Although she is still as foxy as ever.


And I guess she is right:

Let the new generation take control.


Vanessa and Florian were reading to each other the wisdom of the cookbooks I wrote down…

recipes from the people I encountered, that I wrote down over the years.

Vanessa started the routine of fishing and cooking…

Her fish tastes good, just as mine did.

But it’s just the same old, fish every day.

I wish we could have other meals.

So the days pass and while our kids are out working in the soup kitchen,

my wife and I sleep nap after nap, eat the sometimes rotten grilled fish and

play a lot of chess.

Florian also learned how to cook…


But Vanessa still is the main breadwinner in the household these days.

Both Florian and Vanessa are trying to find a way to get a beverage you can actually drink…

… but there’s no way to get any drink free of radioactivity.

Vanessa is often very tense these days…

she wishes so hard to be able to serve something else than fish.


But fish it is.

Day after day after day.


And sometimes I am still out myself to catch one for my family.


We’re good.

But we could be so much better.