And nobody cares

Sul Sul!

Elena North here,

back from the bathroom.

I’ve just freshened up a bit.

Yeah, that was a thing  my direct descendants couldn’t do.

The little water running through the pipes in Glassbolt

was dirty und unhygienic and foul,

and so being stinky was the norm.

My child Celina was the one most annoyed with the stink.

But let me tell you, she was a total slob…

so she was very often the one who stinked most.

She loved eating beans,

and yeah, sorry to say she farted a lot.

She tried to get us help from outside Glassbolt.

She tried to reach people in the outside world,

with letters and blog postings.

But no one seemed to read them,

and many times the weak internet connection we had in Glassbolt broke,

so she couldn’t get her call for help message out.

And if anyone ever read her SOS,

no one ever seemed to care.

Meanwhile Celina’s sister Carolin gave birth to two babies,

first Marina and then Leo.

Celina was ok with not having kids.

But she sometimes watched her sisters marriage with a sting of envy.

To write better, Celina made interviews with people on the street

about how they felt living in Glassbolt.

Then she wrote down what they told her.

The water problem was a catastrophe.

But no one cared.

Of course I was worried about my child… my children…

and their wellbeing.

But I couldn’t do anything.

After all, I am just a ghost… passed from this earth…

It made me angry, but what to do…

Celina went on interviewing, writing,

calling for help…

but her words fell on deaf ears,

if they ever were heard or read…

She grew older, grew grey hair…

but didn’t give up. Not yet…

until one day she had to die.

I am sorry, Celina.

At least in the spirit world you can be clean and happy.

Bah, counting the story has drenched me out.

I need a break.

And get comfy a bit in a good luxury chair.

Let me rest and just enjoy myself for a while.

I will soon go on counting.

Until then,

sincerely yours,

Elena North