No luxury life

Sul Sul!

Elena North here.

Yeah, I’m comfy in my chair now,

but my direct descendants were not comfortable at all.

Their life was a life without any luxuries,


… to tell the truth,

it was a life with the bare necessities.

And not much more.


But we were a family.

We had each other.

This was especially true, of course,

for my daughter Carolin,

and her husband Florian.


Ah, Florian.


I must admit at first I did not like Florian much.

His personality is not easy to handle

– he’s gloomy, kleptomaniac, evil, …

and still wants to befriend the whole world.

But well, he’s the one my daughter chose.

So I accepted him as a part of my family legacy.


Florian did… well, I did never quite get behind what he really did for a living.

He said he wanted to do a kind of start-up business, but that it just never was successful.


I DO know he spent most of his time on our computer playing videogames.

Or programming. Or hacking.

Wasting his life away.


Well, I have to admit he was a good husband to Carolin.

He cared that she got enough food (and thus, hydration) during her pregnancies.

Which was vitally important for her, and my future grandchildren.



For all the rest, Florian was just another member of the household…

stinky as all, tense as all, stressed out as all, unhappy as all…


He sometimes played chess with Fabio,

they seemed to get along very well.


 For Marina and Leo he was their father,

but he did not much care about them.

In fact, when they were younger, he left all care to their mother, Carolin.

When they were old enough to talk, he’d teach them things about life,

but mostly he’d just sit behind the computer and mumble some answer absently…


At least he’d sleep in the same big bed with them when they’d had a bad dream,

and would not sleep in again in their small kid beds.


His closest friend in the family was Fabio.

The others, Celina and Patrick, met him with some suspicion…


He grew older as we all do,

and had not succeeded with his „plan“ of building a start-up.


What’s more, his job more and more seemed to give him headache.

Reading some of the old books we had in the bookshelf sometimes helped.


But he was getting older…

… and finally he had to leave the Earth without having completed any of his aspirations.


Well, Florian.

At least as a husband you’re okay.

Really, you are.

Go make Carolin happy in the spirit realm.

Ufff, telling the story has worn me out.

I need a short break,

if you’ll give me one.

Play a bit of games on my phone, ‚kay?

I’ll be back telling soon.

Until then,

sincerely yours,

Elena North