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Elena North here.

Let’s continue with the story of my family,

who struggled to live in a post.apocalyptic world…


As you already know, I had four babies:

Patrick, Celina, Carolin and Fabio.


I had managed to bring fresh food from the regions nearby back to Glassbolt,

but still the water resources were scarce,

and the water drippling from the pipes was dirty and unsafe to drink.

We were constantly parched.


Patrick was the one who suffered most about this. 16-08-16_13-29-11

Celina was content while she could have good food,

but as she grew older she hated being always unclean and stinky

(now let me tell you, she’s a slob).

Carolin, my dearest, ate like all the rest of us. 16-08-16_13-14-50

She was mostly content, but hated it

that when our much-strained appliances broke

(like they did several times a week),

we could only get new stuff on Sundays,

when the local market was open.

At a very early age, she was unhappy with how things were.

And she knew how things used to be when I was young,

because our dollhouse taught her.


She was also more self-assured than my other kids

(and a bit clumsy sometimes).

And she just loved stuff, especially when it was artsy.


So as soon as she became a teen,

she started working in the market.


And managed that it opened full-time,

every day of the week, for 24h.

She was a hard-working woman…

she did this along with attending the „school“ meetings

(of elder sims who taught kids the basics).

Balancing all this with a bit of fun and entertainment was not easy.




And she was often extremely tired.

And slept her naps right next to me.


So she made her way into my heart.

I considered to name her my heir.

She should marry and continue the „legacy“…

… she should keep our family alive and growing.


She was happy to have been named my heir.

Anyway she was a much better choice than my firstborn,

Patrick, who was a little bit insane.


So Carolin set out to meet a few new people on the street.

She was afraid of the zombies might come to get her,

but there was no other way to get to know people than

putting herself out there.


And there was more danger for her… even in the house…

she once caught on fire while cooking and got severely scarred.


Luckily she could wash it off, and it didn’t affect her face, or arms.

The scars healed with time.


My wonderful daughter made friends,

and one special friend.

His name was Florian Palm.


They seemed to like each other a lot.


I didn’t like Florian at first.

He seemed to be gloomy,

he was a kleptomaniac,

and just plain evil.

Nevertheless, he wanted to the friend of the world.

Hmmm… gotta stop stealing and being evil, I guess?!?

And be a bit more cheerful?


But I understand, it’s hard to be cheerful, good and content with what one has

in midst of the Apocalypse.

Be it as it was, my daughter was in love with him.


She even threw herself into sexy poses for him.


We celebrated when they made their „promise“ to stay together and have children.

You can’t call it a marriage these days.


But they spent their days, through the good and the bad.

Mostly the bad, these days.


But Florian knew how to sweep my daughter off her feet.


They were crazy in love.


Don’t ask me how their love life was – please!

Just know it was loud.


Soon Florian was just another member of our household…

… a stinky, unhappy one, but a member still.

And Carolin got pregnant.


Then Florian proved to be a good mate.

He even started cooking.

Thus he won my heart.


In the end, the becoming mother – my daughter –

needed the water locked in fresh food to not die.

My granddaughter (I hoped and wished for one)

or my grandson needed water!

Carolin was parched!


(My insane son Patrick tired to find a liquid one could drink,

but failed once and again.)


The pregnant Carolin, who had given up working at the store,

and decided to be a stay-at-home mum,

spent her days playing chess with my younger son, Fabio,

who had also grown a teen by then.



While Celina ignored most of the pregnancy,

because she was so involved in her „project“

to get an emergency call out of Glassbolt to the world.

Nobody heard, or nobody cared.

Or both.




Then it was time to give birth.


I was awaiting it with as much nervosity as Carolin.


It was a daughter!

Welcome to the world,

Marina North.


My granddaughter.


I’m such a proud grandma.


Would she become my heir?

Let me tell you…

Carolin and Florian were already working on baby number two.


The family continues…

let me catch my breath and get a glass of water.

I’ll soon go on counting my story.

Until then, I remain

sincerely yours

Elena North

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