Vincent Wonder here.


You’ve read it, right?

You’ve read it as well?!?

Yes you have!!!!!

So yeah, people started getting attention on Glassbolt.

And we started receiving help.

First, medical items were shipped back in. Stuff like medicaments… or contraception pills.


They also promised to work hard to get running water back to Glassbolt.

But it would took time to repair everything. It wouldn’t be until Sunday we’d get showers and tubs.

Although that was a record time to repair the sewage of a whole city,

I tell you, it never was so hard to wait half a week!!


The dirt was getting to us even more than before, or so it seemed. We were only hoping for relief from a good shower or bath, with nice, great-smelling soap…


Then finally the time came. The new bathrooms were installed.



It was such a luxury to have plenty of clean(ISH) water.


And all this was MY accomplishment!


Yeah, I guess I can’t hide it no longer.

I’ve grown old and grey.

But that’s how things go here, you know?

People age.

And hey, just look at my son…

barely a teen, and he is already getting a bald spot.

That must be the radiation.

I’m preoccupied…


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